Our Vision Statement


Chai LightTalks were created to be Short and Sweet



Each 18 minute talk brings you inspiration meaningfully in a focused talk highlighting what is important to you in today’s world



Each talk uses the timeless sweetness of great Judaic thought to help you find positive outcomes to today’s issues.


“Chai LightTalks” takes the pulse of the people today and helps them grow through the filter of the Torah.





Rabbi Moshe Wilhelm, Spiritual Leader and Executive Director of Chabad of Oregon, arrived in Portland with his wife and two young children in the winter of 1984. Having previously worked with families and youth in Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, England, Australia, and New Zealand, he was charged by The Lubavitch Rebbe to bring light to Oregon and to establish Chabad community centers throughout the state.  He is the author of “248 Points of Light,” 248 candles with lights of Torah.  He lives in Portland Oregon with his wife Devora and many of their children and grandchildren.


Alan Cabelly, Professor Emeritus at Portland State University, taught and advised its award winning HRM program and students from 1980 until his retirement in 2018.  Teaching Leadership and Human Resource Management, he has spoken to many diverse groups nationally and internationally, and is currently Executive Director of the Portland Leadership Institute. His personal mission is to help individuals increase their leadership skills and improve the functioning of their work teams.  He serves on the Advisory Board of the Maimonides Jewish Day School in Portland Oregon, and offers his energy to other civic causes.  His multigenerational family includes two grandsons and one granddaughter. In his spare time he gardens, teaches and travels the world with his wife and partner Jean Benevento.

bruce stern, phd

Bruce Stern, PhD, is professor emeritus at Portland State University.  His teaching and research interests focused on consumer psychology, marketing communications, and research methods.  Since his retirement he has been active volunteering at his synagogue, the Oregon Food Bank, Portland State University, and the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education.


Jim Stone is a retired engineer, project controls manager, and program manager, having worked at Fluor Corporation, PacifiCorp, and Intel Corporation. Since his retirement, he's been a volunteer for Chabad of Oregon and Maimonides Jewish Day School, where he serves on the advisory board. 


Gary Darling was born in Los Angeles, spent 8 years in Israel,  has been a Portland resident for 33 years and is  volunteer with Chai Life Talks.  He is the father of 4 children and one grandchild.  His son Sam, also a volunteer at Chai LightTalks, works at his engineering company as the IT support person and civil engineering designer   Mr. Darling enjoys studying Torah, Kabbalah, and Jewish spirituality, as well as hiking and good coffee.


Sam Darling was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and is the website technician for Chai LightTalks.  He is an IT support person as well as an accomplished civil engineering designer.  He enjoys reading news and current events as well as taking long rides on his electric bike in some of the scenic areas around Portland